Conrad First The Joseph Conrad Periodical Archive

Did you know that almost all of Conrad's writings were first published in newspapers and magazines? Influential reviews like the Fortnightly Review and the North American Review. Avant-garde publications like the Savoy, New Review, and the English Review. Popular short-fiction magazines like the Saturday Evening Post and Harper's Magazine. Women's journals like the Pictorial Review and Romance. Mass-circulation dailies like the Daily Mail and the New York Herald. Illustrated newspapers like the Illustrated London News and the Illustrated Buffalo Express. Even small military gazettes like Reveille and Fledgling.

Conrad First restores to these original contexts Conrad's best-known works of fiction as well as his many other prose writings. Here among its 80,000 pages of high-resolution scans taken from over 150 different periodicals you will find Heart of Darkness and Lord Jim alongside colonial fiction and political commentary in Blackwood's Magazine, "Typhoon" illustrated by Maurice Grieffenhagen in Pall Mall Magazine, Nostromo next to articles explaining "How to Study English Literature" in T.P.'s Weekly, The Secret Agent facing advertisements for washing machines in Ridgway's Magazine, Under Western Eyes in the company of works by Leo Tolstoy, H.G. Wells, Bernard Shaw, and Arnold Bennett in the English Review, and many more besides.

Now you can read Conrad the way his first audiences did, in the pages of newspapers and magazines alongside the latest news, feature articles, editorials, short stories, photographs, illustrations, competitions, weather forecasts, sporting results, financial reports, cartoons, and advertisements. Topical, stimulating, and packed with information, this groundbreaking resource offers an unique insight into the publishing context for literary Modernism and the reading habits of periodical audiences in Britain, the United States, and around the world.