Conrad First The Joseph Conrad Periodical Archive



Agnes Adamowicz-Pośpiech

Conrad in Polish Periodicals: The Mirror of the Sea in Wiadomości Literackie (1924)


Anne Arnold

Marguerite Poradowska as a Translator of Conrad


William Atkinson

Bound in “Blackwood's”: The Imperialism of “The Heart of Darkness” in Its Immediate Context


Debra Romanick Baldwin

Conrad Firstin the Classroom


Ellen C. Carillo

The Preface as Pedagogy: Conrad and His Readers


Helen Chambers

“A Sort of Still Uproar: Conrad's Reading of Periodicals


Julian Meldon D'Arcy

Joseph Conrad in Online Icelandic Translations


Emily K. Dalgarno

The Textual History of Conrad's The Partner


Laurence Davies

The Dark Side and the Bright: Conrad in Ridgway's and The Metropolitan Magazine


Fothergill, Anthony

Sailing Into Germany: Conrad, the S. Fischer Verlag, and Die Neue Rundschau


Frank Förster

A Note on Conrad's German Serializations


Simon R. Frost

The Good in a Little Fiction: Conrad, Consumer Readers, and Commodity Culture


Mary Ann Gillies

Conrad's Agent


Richard J. Hand

One Day More


Jeremy Hawthorn

Lookalikes: Conrad and the Denial of Human Individuality


Charles Johanningsmeier

Expanding the Scope of ”Periodical History for Literary Studies: Irving Bacheller and His Newspaper Fiction Syndicate


Claes Lindskog

An Outpost of Oppression: The First Swedish Translation of Conrad


Kate Macdonald

On Reading Conrad in the Daily Mail


Joanna Meacock

London's River: Conrad, Whistler, and The Metropolitan Magazine


David Mulry

Patterns of Revision in The Secret Agent: Conrad as Anarchist


J. Stephen Murphy

Old-Fashioned Reading in a Digital Age: Using Conrad First to Teach Serialized Fiction


Marcin Piechota

The First Conrad Translation: An Outcast of the Islands in Polish


S. W. Reid

American Markets, Serials, and Conrad's Career


Matthew Rubery

Joseph Conrad's ”Wild Story of a Journalist



Joseph Conrad's Publications in Slovenian Serializations


Paul Skinner

“I can hear our voices”: Revisiting The Nature of a Crime



The First Serialization and Translation of Conrad: Almayer's Folly in Het Nieuws van den Dag (Amsterdam), May–July 1896


Katie Tanigawa

Visualizing a Changing Nostromo


Joyce Wexler

The Rescue in Its Time and Ours


Emily Wittman

Un des nôtres: Joseph Conrad and La Nouvelle Revue française


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