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Unpublished draft of "The Black Mate"

in Tit-Bits (London, UK) (May 1, 1886 — Aug 28, 1886):

(May 1, 1886): pp.33–48
(Aug 14, 1886): pp.273–288
(Aug 21, 1886): pp.289–304
(Aug 28, 1886): pp.305–320

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This entry is a deliberate anomaly on the Conrad First site, which otherwise includes only periodicals that serialized Conrad's writing.

In 1886, Conrad submitted a now-lost draft of "The Black Mate" to a Competition for Sailors in George Newnes's pioneering magazine Tit-Bits. Although Conrad's submission did not win the prize and was only published many years later in revised form, we have nonetheless chosen to include the issues of the magazine relating to the Competition for Sailors, believing that its special nature makes it of interest to students of Conrad's work.