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Private Letters of Joseph Conrad

in The New York American (New York, NY, USA) (Oct 3, 1926 — Oct 31, 1926):

(Oct 3, 1926): pp.1–3
(Oct 10, 1926): pp.1–3
(Oct 17, 1926): pp.1–3
(Oct 24, 1926): pp.1–2
(Oct 31, 1926): pp.1–3

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March of Events Section, 1926-10-03, pp.1-2 March of Events Section, 1926-10-10, pp.3-4 March of Events Section, 1926-10-17, pp.3-4 March of Events Section, 1926-10-24, p.4 March of Events Section, 1926-10-31, pp.3-4. Full title: "Private Letters of Joseph Conrad. Reveal the Tragedy of the Great Author's Life. How He Climbed Up From Obscurity to World Fame Along a Pathway of Woe." Conrad's letters to his wife, to his publishers, and to his intimate newspapers, published by the Hearst newspapers for the first time.