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Eigo Seinen (Tokyo, Japan)

15 Nov 1924

Published thrice-monthly in Tokyo between 1898 and 2009, Eigo Seinen (The Rising Generation) was intended for students and teachers of English in Japan. Its serials of literary works by British and American authors appeared in parallel English and Japanese versions together with footnote annotations. This influential magazine contains the earliest known printed reference to Conrad in Japan.

Begun in January 1904, the magazine's serialization of Conrad's short story "To-morrow" was interrupted by the outbreak of the Russo-Japanese War on 8 February. The editors of Eigo Seinen announced that it would be replaced by a serial of "Youth": "Readers would not be interested in the previous short story when our Imperial Navy is engaged in Port Arthur and so forth, so the story will be replaced by another."

Information kindly supplied by Dr. Yasuko Shidara, Musashi University.