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The Boston Evening Transcript (Boston, MA, USA)

21 Sept 1861

The Boston Evening Transcript was published between 1830 and 1941. The first major daily paper in America to be edited by a woman (Cornelia Walter), it also denounced the jingoistic yellow press during the USS Maine crisis of 1898. T.S. Eliot paid tribute to this pillar of Boston culture in his 1917 poem 'The Boston Evening Transcript'.

The Transcript published a review of Victory by Edwin Francis Edgett, titled 'Joseph Conrad in the South Seas', on 24 March 1915 which praised Conrad's world as one of 'activity and often of violent action into which have penetrated few men who are capable of chronicling it'. It was, Conrad wrote, a 'first rate article' (CL 5:464). An interview and sketch portrait of Conrad titled 'Joseph Conrad, Master Mariner' also appeared in the Transcript of 12 May 1923 in tandem with the author's arrival in America.

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