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Extract (The Mirror of the Sea)

The Modern Steamship

in The Grey River Argus (Greymouth, New Zealand) (Mar 31, 1908): (Page imagery not yet available)

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Page 2. Inserted into the "In Port" shipping news section, this short extract from Part XI of The Mirror of the Sea reads: "The modern steamship advances upon a still and overshadowed sea with a pulsating tremor of her frame, an occasional clang in her depths, as if she had an iron heart in her iron body; with a thudding rhythm in her progress and the regular beat of her propeller, heard afar in the night with an august and plodding sound as of the march of an inevitable future. But in a gale, the silent machinery of a sailing-ship would catch not only the power, but the wild and exulting voice of the world's soul. Whether she ran with her tall spars swinging, or breasted it with her tall spars lying over, there was always that wild song, deep like a chant, for a bass to the shrill pipe of the wind played on the sea-tops, with a punctuating crash, now and then, of a breaking wave. At times the weird effects of that invisible orchestra would get upon a man's nerves till he wished himself dead."

The final word reads "deaf" in Conrad's original.

Available online at Papers Past, the digital archive of New Zealand newspapers.