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Appleton's Booklovers Magazine (Philadelphia, PA, USA)

December 1906
Launched in Philadelphia in January 1903 by lending-library promoter Seymour Eaton, Booklover's Magazine was a twenty-five-cent monthly miscellany that combined short essays by celebrities such as Amelia Barr, Henry Cabot Lodge, Theodore Dreiser, Hall Caine, Maxim Gorky, and Robert Barr with excerpts from other periodicals and illustrations, often in colour. After absorbing Book-Lover in 1904, it was bought by New York publishers D. Appleton and Company, becoming Appleton's Booklover's Magazine in July 1905 and Appleton's Magazine in July 1906. During the editorship of Trumbull White (1906-1909), Appleton's compared favourably with "quality" monthlies such as Scribner's. The magazine folded in June 1909.

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