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Countries of the World (London, UK)

12 Feb 1924
Published in London by the Amalgamated Press in 42 parts between 1924 and 1925, Countries of the World was a photo-illustrated gazeteer of all the world's countries and regions in alphabetical order.

Its first number of 12 February 1924 featured 'The Romance of Travel', entries from 'Abyssinia & Eritrea' to 'North America', and an article on Conrad by John Hammerton, series editor and longtime associate of press magnate Alfred Harmsworth. Hammerton's numerous other popular publications included The Great War: The Standard History of the All-Europe Conflict (1914-1919), Harmsworth's Universal Encyclopedia (1920, 25 vols), The Masterpiece Library of Short Stories (1920, 20 vols), Peoples of All Nations (1922), and An Outline of English Literature (1925). The last number of Countries of the World, published on 22 September 1925, covered 'Washington' to 'Zanzibar & Pemba'. The series was published as a two-volume popular reference work in 1925, and reissued in a revised and shortened version in 1936.