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Hampton's Magazine (New York, NY, USA)

July 1910

A fifteen-cent monthly, Hampton's Magazine was the continuation of Broadway Magazine (Apr 1898-Nov 1907), The New Broadway Magazine (Dec 1907-Sept 1908), and Hampton's Broadway Magazine (Oct 1908-Jan 1909), and it was to change its name to Hampton-Columbian and to Hampton Magazine before closing in 1912. Its editors included Theodore Dreiser, Harris Merton Lyon, and Ray Long. At its peak, it published the work of Jack London, O. Henry, P.G. Wodehouse, Ellis Parker Butler and Edwin Balmer. Although the magazine had a circulation of 444,000 by 1911, the muckraking policies pursued by its owner Benjamin Hampton led to his being unable to secure a bank loan necessary to continue publication.

At the time of Conrad's contribution to Hampton's Magazine, the managing editor was William Griffith. During subsequent stints as the editor of McCall's Magazine and of The Semi-Monthly Magazine, in 1912 and 1913, repectively, Griffith wrote to Conrad directly to solicit further contributions. He was also editing Current Opinion when it published two Conrad essays in 1918 and 1920..

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