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Ghost Stories (New York, NY, USA)

December 1930

Part of Bernard MacFadden's stable of popular pulps, Ghost Stories ran from July 1926 to January 1932, publishing new tales of the supernatural contributions alongside reprints of classics by Hugh B. Cave, Ray Cummings, Bassett Morgan, Victor Rousseau, and Paul Ernst. The magazine made a feature of purportedly true supernatural encounters with bylines in the format 'by X as told to Y'. In addition to Conrad's 'The Inn of the Two Witches', the February 1930 number of Ghost Stories contained stories by Robert W. Chambers, Stuart Palmer, A.M. Burrage, and William Wadleigh. Edited by Harry A. Keller (July-Dec 1927), W. Adolphe Roberts (Jan-June 1928), George Bond (July-Nov 1929), D.E. Wheeler (Dec 1929 - June 1930), Arthur B. Howland (July-Dec 1930), and Harold Hersey (Jan-Dec 1931).

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