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The Canadian Magazine (Toronto, Canada)

February 1919

Published in Toronto between 1893 and 1939, The Canadian Magazine sought to offer a domestic equivalent to "quality" American literary magazines such as The Atlantic and Scribner's. Edited by J. Gordon Mowat (1893-1897), John Alexander Cooper (1897-1906), and Newton McFaul MacTavish (1906-1926).

At the turn of the twentieth century, Canadian magazines struggled to compete with their American rivals, which enjoyed stronger advertising portfolios and longer subscriber lists. The imbalance resulted in the early demise of titles such as The Dominion Illustrated Monthly (1888-95), Massey's Magazine (1896-97), Ottowa's Lounger (1896-97), and Toronto's Our Monthly (two issues, 1896). Two exceptions were The Week (1883-1896) and, above all, The Canadian Magazine, whose contributors included novelists Robert Barr and Joanna Ellen Wood, and poet Eric Mackay Yeoman. From 1900, the magazine included a 'Women's Sphere' section whose editor, Emily Cummings, supplied a topical commentary on social affairs and, in particular, women's education.

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