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Hutchinson's Magazine (London, UK)

September 1924

Hutchinson's Story Magazine was launched by Walter Hutchinson in July 1919 as a showcase for authors in his publishing stable. Now a shilling monthly featuring high-quality photogravure illustrations, it changed its name to Hutchinson's Magazine in April 1920 and then back to Hutchinson's Story-Magazine in June 1929. From a peak of 93,000 in 1921, circulation dwindled throughout the 1920s, and despite merging with its companion titles Adventure and Mystery Story and Woman in June-July 1929, the magazine folded in December that year. Its anonymous editors were likely Erle Lunn (1919-21), Eric Maschwitz (1922-23), Meredith V. Dixon (1926-7), Evelyn Hornibrook (1927-9), and G. Gilligan (1929).

Initially marketed as a family magazine with cartoons and a children's page, it settled into an adventure-romance format with a special emphasis on the uncanny. As well as publishing tales of mystery by popular authors such as E. F. Benson and Sax Rohmer, it first serialized the adventures of Bulldog Drummond by H.C. McNeile ('Sapper'). Other contributors included H. Rider Haggard, Rafael Sabatini, Agatha Christie, Baroness Orczy, and Arnold Bennett. Hutchinson's Magazine also serialized three short stories by D.H. Lawrence: 'The Fox' (November 1920), 'Fanny and Annie' (November 1921), and 'The Border Line' (September 1924).

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